"Creating new solutions using existing technology to solve problems."

I am a developer, designer, architect and engineer with years of experience with software design, development, management and innovation.

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I am an expert in C# and WPF. I think of myself as an architect, able to tackle enterprise-level problems with elegant and maintainable design patterns. I can easily visualize how I want a solution to look and understand immediate and longterm benefits writing code a certain way to support the business case.

I have plenty of experience with unit testing. As an architect, I think a lot about how I can design my code to be more unit testable. Dependency injection, inversion of control and building layers of abstraction upfront are essential to writing quality unit tests.


I am an expert in native Android app development. I have published several apps on Google Play on my own behalf as well as developed apps to meet the business needs of clients. In addition, I have a deep understanding of how Android works overall in terms of resources, architecture and best practices.

I've worked on projects using Java for desktop as well as Android. I feel as comfortable with Java as I do with C#. Many best practices carry over, but I understand the many differences between and limitations of each language.

Web Development

I am an advanced web developer and I prefer to be as vanilla as possible. This entire website was written from scratch using HTML5, PHP, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery. In addition, I am well versed in MySql and PHPMyAdmin. I use Slim PHP server side to make my code more organized, but its called "Slim" for a reason - its a very minimalist framework.

JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML5 and PHP are the web languages I primarily use. I have experience with some CSS and JavaScript libraries, as well as Google APIs, but I tend to stay away from them. As an architect, I always think about how a library could benefit or constrain my vision for a solution. In some cases, a library can introduce more complexity than it solves.


I do a lot of web design and logo design. Since I publish my own apps to Google Play, I think it is important to create logos myself. I've seen internet clip art used as app logos and it is incredibly tacky. I've had several clients ask for pretty websites as well as pretty Android apps.

I have about 6 years of experience with Adobe Photoshop. I primarily use it for logo design, but I have also done some texture design for game development with Unity 3D. I don't have a degree in design, but I feel well versed in many principles.


I have tons of projects from hackathons, classes and personal interests. Please browse them and contact me for more information.

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